Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taste Profile

Harvested annually between May and June, Red Rock Olives’ EVOO is cold-pressed locally within hours of picking to ensure its ‘extra virgin’ status. The press is located in Laharum, a convenient 45 minute drive from the olive grove. This short distance allows our olives to stay fresh and ensures they keep their health-promoting nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Red Rock Olives EVOO delivers a bold, spicy kick to the throat. This pepperiness or pungency is testament to an early harvest, a timely cold press and the freshness of the oil. It makes a difference to the flavours you produce in your kitchen.

The oil has been characterised as :

Complex fresh olive fruity aroma, green herbs and avocado carries through to the mouth. Notes of black pepper and green bitter salad. Excellent persistence.

It is considered a medium to robust style oil and has won four consecutive silver medals at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards.