2017 Harvest Wrap Up

What a harvest! Red Rock Olives is happy to report there was fruit-a-plenty in the grove this year. The trees were overflowing with fruit, making for great table olives and extra virgin olive oil.

After taking over the olive grove in 2013, we have been pruning and shaping the trees back into the ideal shape for growing, picking and shaking. This year was the first year the trees performed perfectly for the mechanical shaker - it was smiles all round from David and Denis, our contract shaker.

This season’s weather made for an interesting harvest. The trees pollinated twice, meaning some fruit were not ripe for picking. Additionally, olive groves throughout the Grampian’s region produced very low yields. A mild summer meant the temperatures did not reach high enough to convert the water in the fruit into oil. Oh mother nature!

Now, our 2017 olive oil is settling in tanks as we eagerly await a chance to taste it. Our table olives are being aerated daily and washed weekly. Soon they will settle in brine until they are ready for eating.

India Nicholson