Our Extra Consistent Virgin Olive Oil


Harvested annually between May and June, Red Rock Olives’ extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is cold-pressed locally within hours of picking to ensure its ‘extra virgin’ status. The press is located in Laharum, a convenient 45 minute drive from the olive grove. This short distance allows our olives to stay fresh and ensures they keep their health-promoting nutrients and anti-oxidants. Red Rock Olives is conscious of food miles and aims to teach the public the importance of buying local products.

The oil has won a silver medal at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, for its bold, spicy kick to the throat. We are currently dry-land farming, which gives the oil a more intense flavour. Olive trees are a durable plant with drought resistant fruit that can tolerate 40ºC summers and cold winters. The Grampians area is similar to the Mediterranean climate which is ideal for growing the fruit. Red Rock Olives remains chemical free and uses sheep to prune regrowth on the trees and grass. This also returns the nutrients of the plant back into the soil, a method Red Rock Olives likes to call “munch and mulch”.

The oil has been characterised as “Complex fresh olive fruity aroma, green herbs and avocado carries through to the mouth. Notes of black pepper and green bitter salad. Excellent persistence.” The pungency is a testament to an early harvest, a timely cold-press and the freshness of the oil.

India Nicholson