Red Rock Olives grows and produces high-grade, locally-pressed olive oil, table olives and other signature products including our house-made olive salt and range of artisan vinegars.

Our olive grove and farm gate café is easily found between Pomonal and Halls Gap, near the Grampians National Park, western Victoria.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Red Rock Olives are harvested annually between May and June and transported directly to a press in Laharum. The ability to transport the olives to press quickly ensures the integrity of the olive oil.

Cold pressed locally within hours of harvesting, Red Rock Olives EVOO is a robust oil that delivers a bold, spicy kick to the throat. This pepperiness or pungency is testament to an early harvest, a timely cold press and the freshness of the oil. It makes a difference to the flavours you produce in your kitchen.

The oil has been characterised as :

“Green grass and toasted almond notes in the nose with a hint of cinnamon. A clean palate-displaying moderate to firm bitterness and pungency, with eucalyptus and toasted nuts aftertaste.”

It is considered a medium to robust style oil.

The Olive Grove

Rita and David acquired Red Rock Olives in May 2013. David has 30+ years experience in agriculture, while Rita has Melbourne business and public relations experience.


The previous owners planted more than 5,000 trees enclosed in 15 hectares of kangaroo proof fencing in 1997.

Update on 2016 Harvest:

With two consecutive dry years and unseasonably warm temperatures in September, this harvest was bound to struggle, however we came away with many positives.

We produced high quality extra virgin olive oil and harvested table olives. The olives produced the highest yield to date – 20%.

The severe pruning of two years ago has made the trees an ideal shape for mechanical harvesting, therefore increasing productivity and fruit fall when the shaker is operating.

A week after this years harvest was completed, the dams by the grove filled with just two days of rain. Everyone is hoping this trend continues.

The trees are refreshed by the Autumn break of rain and are growing beautiful fresh green branches. Fingers crossed for a great 2017.